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$2 Million, $1.5 Million, and $1 Million Settlements: Nursing Home Negligence and Death

Manuel & Thompson has been at the forefront of North Florida’s litigation in the area of nursing home related cases. The families of elderly nursing home patients suffered fatal infection and injuries as a result of the negligent treatment received from various regional nursing home facilities. During these cases, our team of attorneys and medical […]

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$1.2 Million Settlement: Motorcycle v. Semi-Truck

Our client suffered significant and multiple fractures when his motorcycle was struck by a tractor trailer truck which violated the right of way. Because our team of experienced trial attorneys has significant experience handling trucking cases, our investigative team was able to discover various facts about the truck maintenance that assisted in showing that the […]

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$350,000 Settlement: Premises Liability/Worker’s Compensation Immunity

While on the job at a saw mill, our client had his foot crushed when the machine on which he was cleaning started due to a mechanical malfunction of which his employer had failed to repair and of which the employer had previous knowledge. This injury resulted in multiple surgeries and several hospitalizations. Even so, […]

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$350,000 Settlement: Premises Liability/Insurance Coverage

While on the job, a woman sustained a scalping injury while working on a piece of machinery that was missing its protective guard. Her injuries were severe and required multiple surgeries and skin grafting procedures. The insurance company for our client’s employer argued that her injuries were not covered by its liability insurance policy. However, […]

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