You must always proceed with caution whenever you enter a public space or otherwise someone else’s property. This is because, unfortunately, you may be unaware of just how negligent a property owner may be. Further, there may be potential safety hazards residing in every corner of a premises. Read on to discover what locations you might enter an accident and how one of the seasoned Panama City slip & fall accident attorneys at Manuel & Thompson, PA can help you strategize for your claim.

At what locations is it possible to enter a slip and fall accident?

A property owner may fail to identify and rectify a hazardous condition on their premises within a reasonable timeframe. In the meantime, they may fail to post the proper warning signs or barricades to prevent visitors from encountering this hazardous condition. This is when slip and fall accidents are likely. Without further ado, below are common locations in which it is possible to slip and fall:

  • At a hotel:
    • You may get injured due to a slippery floor in the lobby.
    • You may get injured due to cracks in the concrete near the swimming pool.
    • You may get injured due to faulty exercise machines in the fitness center.
  • At a restaurant:
    • You may get injured due to a loose floorboard or raised carpet in the walkways.
    • You may get injured due to dim lighting in the walkways.
    • You may get injured due to a poorly constructed chair at the table.
  • At a supermarket:
    • You may get injured due to a malfunctioning automatic door at the entrance.
    • You may get injured due to spilled liquids in the aisles.
    • You may get injured due to loose product displays in the aisles.

It is also worth mentioning that it is also possible to slip in fall in the elevator, parking lot, or sidewalk at any of the aforementioned locations.

How does comparative negligence work in a slip and fall accident?

If you were injured due to a hazardous condition at a hotel, restaurant, supermarket, or otherwise, it is more than likely that you may hold the property owner liable in a slip and fall accident claim. However, you must anticipate the potential arguments that a property owner may make in your claim proceedings. For example, they may argue that you are partially to blame for your slip and fall due to the torn clothing or impractical footwear that you were wearing at the time.

With this, the state of Florida follows a modified comparative negligence system, in which you may still pursue a lawsuit so long as you are less than 50 percent responsible for causing your own injuries. So you must do everything in your power to prove that the property owner was the majority to blame for your accident.

In the end, you must not take any chances when it comes to your slip and fall accident claim. So please retain the services of one of the competent Panama City personal injury attorneys from Manuel & Thompson, PA as soon as you can.