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  • Mr. Manuel is a top-notch lawyer who treats you like family. He goes above and beyond to help you get what you deserve. We always get a quick response and his staff was always super helpful!

    — Megan B.
  • Zach Taylor is an amazing attorney willing to go above and beyond for his clients. He is an honest, family man with integrity and has been a huge help to our whole neighborhood in providing Hurricane advice. I highly recommend Zach!

    — Huge help!
  • My wife was injured in a traffic crash earlier this year. From the onset, Mr. Thompson handled this case with great professionalism and dedication. They saw that my wife received the care she need and came to a rightful settlement in this case. Thank you Mr. Thompson. I would highly recommend this firm.

    — Ray S.
  • Jay Manuel and his staff were so very nice and professional. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole experience. Because of Jay, doctor bills have been covered and my future is less worrisome. I highly recommend đź‘Ť

    — A Huge Help
  • There are times in life when you just need help, this was when my husband and I reached out to Waylon Thompson and his staff. Due to his experience in the legal world, he suggested an approach that made sense. Waylon’s staff was quick to answer questions, even answering emails when they were at home sick!! Thanks so much, Waylon and Michelle!

    — Thanks so much, Waylon and Michelle!
  • Manuel and Thompson is a dedicated and professional law firm, and we were always treated with courtesy and respect by all staff members. Mr. Thompson is very knowledgeable in the law and his field of expertise. He always kept the lines of communication open and kept us abreast of all developments in our case. Mr. Thompson invested countless hours in our case resulting in a positive outcome due to his tireless dedication. It was a pleasure to work with both Mr.Thompson and his devoted legal assistant, Ms. Rachael Moore, who assisted us immensely.

    We would unquestionably recommend the law firm of Manuel and Thompson.

    — Mr. Thompson is very knowledgeable
  • My experience here was flawless front to back. From my first consultation to the last appointment, Waylon Thompson was remarkably transparent and supportive during this strenuous process. He and his WONDERFUL paralegal Michelle Cates made the process a breeze, they did all the legwork and made everything i needed to do easy to understand and they left no stone unturned. Michelle was always keeping me updated and informed during the entire process, ensuring things were done in a timely manner. Waylon was assertive and dominating in his pursuit of justice for me and my family, his professionalism and perseverance were radiated constantly. Combining his legal prowess, knowledge, experience, and passion for justice with Michelle’s lovely personality made dealing with everything much easier. She always had a smile on her face, was reassuring and comforting, and expressed authentic sincerity to my family and I.

    May the Gods forbid such an event that my family is ever facing this problem again.

    But if we do… if anyone I know or anyone who reads this is in need of a personal injury lawyer, Waylon Thompson and Michelle Cates will be the only ones I allow to truly fight for the justice of my family and me. No one else.

    Waylon and Michelle, thank you for everything you have done again. I’ll sing your praises every day and twice on Sunday!

    — My experience here was flawless
  • Thank you, Mr. Taylor, so much for all that you have done to handle our case. We were very pleased with how the mediation turned out and the whole process of settling our claim. Your knowledge and professional expertise far exceeded what we could ever expect. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an attorney. I was really intrigued by listening to you that day and was fascinated by all that you do above and beyond being an attorney and your service to our community. Me and my husband are very thankful for all that you have done throughout this whole process to make it as non-stressful as possible. You really helped us to understand how and what to expect during our whole case. The whole law firm even to the staff was professional and courteous to us throughout this whole process.

    — Your knowledge and professional expertise far exceeded what we could have ever expected.
  • Working with Jay Manuel and his staff, Cheryl and Eloise, was a great experience. I was very thankful for Jay’s knowledgeable legal counsel with my personal injury case resulting from an auto accident. They always kept me up to date with what was taking place, as this was very important to me. I had peace of mind in knowing that I was being represented by an attorney that cared and looked after my well being the entire time. If I were to do it all over, I wouldn’t hesitate seeking Jay Manuel for legal assistance again.

    — Great Experience
  • Zach Taylor and team were warriors on our behalf. He aggressively defended our interests against an unwilling insurance company post-hurricane Michael. Zach’s patience, determination, and laser focus enabled us to get the money we deserved. I highly recommend Zach because he cares about the client, gets results, and is honest and transparent. It was a pleasure to work with Zach and Melissa.

    — Warriors on our behalf
  • Mr. Taylor and Ms. Melissa handled our case and made the process smooth and pleasant. We appreciate the work they put in for us and would definitely recommend!

    — Would definitely recommend!
  • He helped me get my money back from a big local company DKI. That was holding my money for no reason. He did this on his own time when he didn’t have to! If you’re wanting a good honest Christian/Man this is your Guy!!! I highly recommend him!! Thank you so very much for everything you did to help get my money back!!

    — Thank you very much!
  • Jay Manuel and his staff, Cheryl and Eloise did an awesome job helping me navigate through the legalities of a car accident. They all did a phenomenal job looking after may needs and surpassing my expectations. They were quick to respond and I couldn’t be more grateful for the outcome of my case. I highly recommend this team. THANK YOU!

    — I highly recommend this team
  • I’d like to say thank you to the team at Manuel & Thompson for helping me with my hurricane Michael claim. Without you all by my side each step of the way I don’t know what I would have done. I would especially like to say a huge thank you to ms. Rachael Moore she listened, responded and was just there for me each and every time I would reach out to her no matter how big or small my need was she was there! thank you, Rachael! My family can now start rebuilding our lives. Through it all, I am so very glad u had the best team In Bay County with me. #850strong. Thank you Waylon.

    — Thank you to the Team at Manuel & Thompson
  • Highly Recommended!

    — Highly Recommended
  • Mr. Jay Manuel handled a case on my behalf timely and with ease. The office is professional, the service was great, and they guided me in the right direction from start to finish. I would recommend this firm!

    — The service was great