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"He helped me get my money back from a big local company DKI. That was holding my money for no reason. He did this on his own time when he didn't have to! If you're wanting a good honest Christian/Man this is your Guy!!! I highly recommend him!! Thank you so very much for everything you did to help get my money back!!"- Kathy F.

"Zach Taylor is an amazing attorney willing to go above and beyond for his clients. He is an honest, family man with integrity and has been a huge help to our whole neighborhood in providing Hurricane advice. I highly recommend Zach!"- Kim S.

"I'd like to say thank you to the team at Manuel & Thompson for helping me with my hurricane Michael claim. Without you all by my side each step of the way I don't know what I would have done. I would especially like to say a huge thank you to ms. Rachael Moore she listened, responded and was just there for me each and every time I would reach out to her no matter how big or small my need was she was there! thank you, Rachael! My family can now start rebuilding our lives. Through it all, I am so very glad u had the best team In Bay County with me. #850strong. Thank you Waylon."- June C.

"Thank you, Mr. Taylor, so much for all that you have done to handle our case. We were very pleased with how the mediation turned out and the whole process of settling our claim. Your knowledge and professional expertise far exceeded what we could ever expect. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an attorney. I was really intrigued by listening to you that day and was fascinated by all that you do above and beyond being an attorney and your service to our community. Me and my husband are very thankful for all that you have done throughout this whole process to make it as non-stressful as possible. You really helped us to understand how and what to expect during our whole case. The whole law firm even to the staff was professional and courteous to us throughout this whole process."- Ann S.

"Highly Recommended!"- Tammy H.

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