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  • $44 Million Jury Verdict: Deadly Automobile Crash

    Perhaps one of the largest verdicts in Bay County history, this case involved the tragic death of a woman killed in a car crash. The jury awarded damages to the estate for wrongful death and the loss sustained by the family members.

  • $18.5 Million Dollar Settlement: Burn Injury

    Client suffered catastrophic third degree burn injuries as a result of the negligence of the Defendant.

  • $13 Million Dollar Settlement: Class Action Lawsuit

    Auto Insurance Company wrongfully reduced payments for benefits to insureds.

  • $10 Million Dollar Settlement: Wrongful Death

    Settlement for a wrongful death case.

  • $3.5 Million: Wrongful Death

    Recovered for the wrongful death of a 71-year-old man when a trucking company driver failed to obey traffic control devices causing the crash.

  • $3 Million: Truck Accident

    Paid to a 72-year-old woman who was blamed for causing a trucking accident.   A tractor-trailer made an illegal u-turn, at night on a U.S. highway, in front of Jane Doe.  The retro-reflective tape on the trailer was obscured and otherwise did not meet the minimum requirements of The Federal Motor Carrier safety regulations resulting in Ms. Doe striking the rear of the trailer and sustaining life-threatening injuries.

  • $2.75 Million Settlement: Deadly Automobile Crash

    A young wife, and mother of small children was killed in a tragic car crash on a rural road near the border of Washington and Bay Counties. Through the use of accident reconstruction engineer experts, and “black box” data obtained from one of the vehicles, our trial attorneys were able to establish that the at-fault driver of a corporate vehicle crossed the center line, causing the crash and killing Jenny Smith. A significant portion of the settlement in this case went into a structured settlement fund which will be preserved for the young children left behind.

  • $2.25 Million Settlement: Defective Tire/ Products Liability

    The attorneys at Manuel & Thompson were instrumental in the investigation and development of the case against a major tire manufacturer for a defective tire which blew out on I-75 in central Florida. The blow-out caused a catastrophic crash which claimed the life of a wife and mother of three children. Obtaining justice for the surviving family was a top priority for our firm. Developing the case with the assistance of multiple experts, a fair and reasonable settlement was achieved. Although no amount of money can return what a family has lost, the financial burden of that loss is mitigated as the family moves forward with their lives.

  • $2 Million: Wrongful Death

    Recovered for the wrongful death of an adult son in a negligent security case. The night clerk gave the estranged husband a key to the estranged wife’s room resulting in the estranged husband accessing the room and killing the estranged wife’s boyfriend.

  • $2 Million, $1.5 Million, and $1 Million Settlements: Nursing Home Negligence and Death

    Manuel & Thompson has been at the forefront of North Florida’s litigation in the area of nursing home related cases. The families of elderly nursing home patients suffered fatal infection and injuries as a result of the negligent treatment received from various regional nursing home facilities. During these cases, our team of attorneys and medical experts was able to demonstrate the devastating injuries that can result when those who can’t care for themselves are neglected.