Head, neck, and back injuries are rather commonly diagnosed in the aftermath of a car accident event. Namely, drivers often walk away from the scene while being concussed. Follow along to find out how you might receive a concussion and how a proficient Panama City car accident attorney at Manuel & Thompson, PA can work to ensure that you receive the proper treatment for it.

How is it possible to receive a concussion from a car accident?

First of all, a concussion may arise in the aftermath of the brain’s forceful strike against the skull. Therefore, you may receive a concussion at the time of impact in your car accident event.

Being unable to brace yourself, or simply the sheer force of the vehicle that collides with you, may cause you to violently strike your head against the steering wheel, airbag, headrest, or window. Further, incurring a concussion is possible regardless of whether you were involved in a rear-end collision, side-impact collision, head-on collision, or otherwise.

And if your car accident is quite catastrophic, it unfortunately may result in a more severe type of traumatic brain injury instead.

How might I receive a concussion from another type of personal injury accident?

Besides a car accident event, there are unfortunately many other types of personal injury accidents that may result in a concussion. Without further ado, examples read as follows:

  • As a welcomed visitor entering a property owner’s premises, you may have hit your head on the floor after slipping and falling.
  • As a bicyclist riding in a bike lane, you may have hit your head on the pavement after being struck by a motor vehicle.
  • As a pedestrian crossing the street, you may have hit your head on the motor vehicle that strikes you.
  • As an athlete playing in a game, you may have hit your head against another athlete’s head or a piece of sports equipment.
  • As an innocent bystander walking in a public area, you may have hit your head while being assaulted with a weapon.
  • As a construction worker working on a construction site, you may have hit your head from the impact of an explosion.

So with a concussion being such a common injury in personal injury accidents, you must take the proper steps to get medically tested for one. This is regardless of whether you remember hitting your head at all, or if your head hurts at all. After all, the signs and symptoms of a concussion may not arise until hours or even days following your accident event.

Without a doubt, your next step must be to employ a talented Panama City auto accident attorney. So please reach out to us at Manuel & Thompson, PA immediately.