End Distracted Driving

Family Safe Driving Agreement

Simple Steps We Can Take For Safer Driving

Do your part to put an end to distracted driving. Below is EndDD’s checklist of simple steps you can take to avoid being a distracted driver and to protect yourself, your friends, family and others from preventable crashes.


1. Drive without reading or sending texts, snapchatting, using the internet, Facebook or social media of any kind.
2. Call/text before I start driving to let parents, friends and others know when I’ll arrive.
3. Wait to text or call others until they have stopped driving.
4. Pull over to a safe location to check texts, social media, or listen to voice mail.
5. Deputize my passenger when I am driving to text or make calls for me.
6. When alone, turn my cell phone off before starting to drive.
7. Stop texting, or end phone conversations with others once I learn they are driving.
8. Pull over to a safe location or wait until I am finished driving to eat or apply make-up.
9. Pull over to a safe location or wait until I am finished driving to adjust music, scroll through I-Pods, I -phones or similar devices.
10. When being driven by a distracted driver ask the driver to drive safer.
11. As a passenger, share the responsibility for arriving safely with my driver and offer help so my driver does not drive distracted.

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