September 17th, 1787 is one of the most important and celebratory days in American history!

A group of patriotic individuals dared to say that humans should be guaranteed liberty, certain unalienable rights, and freedom. These individuals believed in these truths so strongly that they would fight for those rights or die in the process. And fight they did!

After a long and hard-fought battle to establish an independent and free country, a victorious nation began the solemn task of building their new country. Building on those very ideals they had fought for – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to bear arms, establishing 3 distinct separations of power, and to guarantee that no more would a tyrannical government rule over them.

The nation had sacrificed much, fought for freedom, and many had indeed paid the ultimate sacrifice to finally reach this very day. On September 17th, 1787 an incredible and momentous document was presented to this newborn nation – the Constitution of the United States of America!

Each year Manuel & Thompson, P.A participates in Constitution Day. From promoting the day on social media platforms to providing pocket constitutions for children in classrooms the goal is to educate and to celebrate the anniversary of the Constitution.


“You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom, I hope you will make good use of it.”

– John Adams
April 26, 1777

Here are some of the thank you notes from the students we spoke with about Constitution Day:

Thank you so much for the pocket Constitution that you provided for our class. Because of you and your staff, I have the privilege to learn about the constitution. The best part is I can fit it in my pocket and learn about how our country came together on the go. I thank you for giving me and my other peers a chance to learn about our country’s constitution. I gratefully love that you thought of us and took time out of your day to give us the privilege to learn.

Sincerely, Brenton

Dear Mr. Thompson,

Thank you very much for the pocket Constitutions. I am glad that you have provided these for me and my peers. Now I get the chance to learn more about American Civics.

Sincerely, Emma

Dear Manuel & Thompson,
Thank you so very much for the pocket constitution. I will use it very well and it will help me get good grades.

Sincerely, Parker

Thank you so much for the pocket constitution. I loved reading what the founding fathers have written for us, to protect our rights.

Sincerely, Luis

Dear, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Manuel,

I would love to give you all my thanks for giving my school the Pocket Constitution. This is a special gift that you have given me and my schoolmates from your own money. I am just so thankful for your kindness, you took your own time to buy a ton of Pocket Constitutions. I’m going to stop here so you can get back to work and I give you all the prayers and love that I have for you, so you can stay safe.

Love, Brayden