Panama City Construction Law Attorneys

Panama City Construction Law Attorneys

Construction Law Attorneys in Panama City, FL

Construction is an essential part of Florida’s infrastructure. The nature of the business sometimes results in serious conflicts between the various parties involved in the project, which can be frustrating for everyone and put the work on hold. When you are involved in a construction project as an owner, employee, contractor, or design professional, it is important to have strong legal guidance on your side not only to represent your interests, but also to ensure that no laws are being violated. If you need a Panama City construction law firm you can trust, contact Manuel & Thompson today to discuss your case.

Assisting Clients in Construction Legal Matters

Construction laws help owners, subcontractors, contractors, and design professionals resolve their disputes. There are many disputes that may arise during a construction project, and the most common examples are disputes over defects, payments, bidding, bonding, liens, delays, and insurance. If you are an injured owner, subcontractor, contractor, or design professional, the experienced team at Manuel & Thompson would like to discuss your claim with you. The attorneys at Manuel & Thompson handle construction cases in Panama City and the surrounding areas.

Our Legal Fee Structure

In addition to representing clients on an hourly basis, Manuel & Thompson may represent construction clients on a contingency fee, which means that our clients are only obligated to pay a fee if the firm successfully resolves the case in the client’s favor. This arrangement is beneficial to the client and the firm and allows individuals and businesses who cannot afford the high cost of litigation to access the court system.

Contact a Panama City Construction Law Firm

The laws and regulations surrounding construction law are very complicated here in Florida. When one party involved in the process breaches an agreement or violates a law in some other way, it is important to have strong legal representation on your side. You can count on the experienced attorneys at Manuel & Thompson to help you resolve any construction issues with your best interests at heart. If you have a case involving a construction issue, contact the experienced team of attorneys at Manuel & Thompson at our offices in Panama City or Bonifay to set up a free consultation.

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