Though the seasons do not seem to change much in the state of Florida, the time of year inevitably affects the activities that residents participate in. With these new activities, there may be new safety hazards that arise. Follow along to find out the different types of spring safety hazards and how one of the proficient Panama City personal injury attorneys at Manuel & Thompson, PA can come to your aid.

What are different examples of spring safety hazards?

Whether you are a driver, pedestrian, construction worker, or otherwise, you may be made a victim of a personal injury accident during the spring season. Just some examples of spring safety hazards are as follows:

  • The days after daylight savings may create a sun glare that causes Florida drivers to experience temporary blindness.
  • A tropical shower may create flooding or bring loose debris onto Florida roads.
  • A tropical shower may wet a sidewalk or stairway, which causes a Florida pedestrian to slip and fall.
  • A hurricane may cause loose debris to break through windows or roofs and injure a Florida resident.
  • A trampoline may not be on flat ground or have proper netting and injure a Florida resident.
  • A lawnmower may have a loose object ricochet off its blades and hit a Florida pedestrian.
  • A ladder may not be set up on the hard, level ground or on a sturdy board and injure a Florida construction worker.
  • A blade on a cutting tool may not be properly sharpened and injure a Florida construction worker.
  • An employer does not provide dress to protect from the sun, sharp tools, chemicals, and pests, which injures a Florida construction worker.
  • An employer does not provide water or breaks for a Florida construction worker, which causes them to experience a heat stroke.
  • An owner of a tourist attraction or activity may have dangerous premises, which injures a Florida vacationer.

What is the deadline for an injury claim?

If you incurred injuries or damages due to a spring safety hazard, and the accident was of no fault of your own, then you may qualify for a personal injury claim. This is so you may recover a financial award that is necessary for your healing.

There is a deadline, otherwise known as a statute of limitations, that is associated with this claim. Usually, in the state of Florida, this is two years from the date of your accident. And if your accident occurred on a state, county, or city-owned property, then you may have to file a Notice of Claim even sooner than this.

Before it is too late, contact one of the talented Panama City personal injury attorneys today. We are ready and willing to take on your case.