While you are exercising at the gym, it is important that you listen to your body and not overexert yourself. This is because overexertion may cause you to faint, experience respiratory or cardiac issues, or otherwise injure yourself with the heavy equipment. However, it is an unfortunate truth that even if you take care of yourself throughout your workout, you may still get injured due to the negligence of a gym owner. Follow along to find out what types of injuries you might incur from a gym accident and how one of the proficient Panama City slip & fall accident attorneys from Manuel & Thompson, PA can help in your recovery.

What types of injuries might I incur from a gym accident?

First of all, the negligence of a gym owner may be seen through the facility’s defective equipment or otherwise equipment that was not properly built. Or, it may be seen through the safety hazards inside and outside of the facility (i.e., uncleared spilled liquids on the gym floor, unpaved cracks on the sidewalk, etc). Whatever the case may be, you may incur serious injuries after being made a victim of a gym accident. Just some examples of possible injuries are as follows:

  • A broken or fractured bone.
  • A wrist sprain or dislocation.
  • A leg or knee injury.
  • A back or neck injury.
  • A soft tissue injury.
  • A brain injury.

Can I sue for the injuries I incurred at the gym?

You may have signed a waiver upon registering for your gym membership. But you may rest assured knowing that this waiver may not cover a gym owner’s gross negligence. Therefore, you may sue a gym owner for the injuries you incurred at the gym so long as you can prove their negligence in the matter.

You must first prove that a gym owner owed you a duty of care, as you were a welcomed guest. After that, you must prove that a gym owner knew, or should have reasonably known, about a safety hazard on their premises. Lastly, you must prove that entered an accident and sustained injuries after encountering the safety hazard in question.

In the end, tying your injuries directly to the negligence of a gym owner requires a sufficient amount of proof. And this proof must be collected and submitted before the statute of limitations runs out. In the state of Florida, this deadline is generally two years from the date on which your accident occurred. Otherwise, this is when your right to sue may be permanently barred.

For these reasons alone, you must consult with one of the talented Panama City personal injury attorneys immediately. Our team at Manuel & Thompson, PA is happy to advise you.