You may encounter a wet floor just about anywhere, whether it be from a spilled liquid in a supermarket aisle or a freshly mopped floor in a hotel lobby. And if you slip and fall upon your encounter with one, then you may have grounds to sue the negligent property owner who failed to clean it up. Follow along to find out what evidence you need of your wet floor accident and how one of the proficient Panama City slip & fall attorneys at Manuel & Thompson, PA can help prepare your legal action.

What types of injuries might I incur from a wet floor?

A wet floor may be seemingly harmless. However, stumbling on a wet floor may cause more serious injuries and damages than you initially realize. Without further ado, below are possible injuries that you may incur as a direct result of your accident:

  • A concussion or traumatic brain injury.
  • A spinal cord injury or other back injury.
  • A torn ligament in the knee.
  • A dislocated shoulder.
  • An injured tailbone.
  • A sprained wrist.
  • A hip fracture.
  • Significant cuts and bruises to the skin.
  • Facial injuries that lead to disfigurement.

What evidence do I need of my slip and fall on a wet floor?

Understandably so, you may be embarrassed after having slipped and fallen in a public place. You may want to quickly brush yourself off and exit the premises, but we strongly advise against doing so. This is because there are pivotal pieces of proof that exist at the scene of your accident. And if you eventually decide to take legal action against the negligent property owner, then you may regret walking away from this evidence.

Taking that into consideration, below are important pieces of proof you may need to show you slipped and fell on a wet floor:

  • A copy of a police report conducted by a law enforcement officer at the scene of your slip and fall.
  • A copy of a store incident report conducted by a property owner or manager at the scene of your slip and fall.
  • Medical records from paramedics and EMTs who offered you initial treatment at the scene of your slip and fall.
  • Photos and videos that capture the wet floor you slipped and fell on, along with the lack of posted warning signs.
  • Photos and videos of your bodily injuries and personal damages that are immediately noticeable at the scene of your slip and fall.
  • Testimonies by employees who assert the wet floor’s existence in the hours leading up to your slip and fall.
  • Testimonies by bystanders who were present at the time your slip and fall accident took place.
  • Surveillance camera footage that captures your slip and fall accident playing out.

Your best chances at having a successful slip and fall accident claim start with retaining the services of one of the talented Panama City personal injury attorneys. So please contact Manuel & Thompson, PA today.