If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, you may want to post about it on social media. After all, that is how we let our loved ones know when we have experienced something, big, small, good, or bad. But, in the event of a personal injury accident, it is imperative to avoid posting on social media. Read this blog to find out more about posting on social media after a slip and fall accident in Florida.

Who Can See My Information?

While you may think you are just posting for your close friends and family members, the reality is, defense attorneys can access your content. Your content can be seen by attorneys and insurance agencies, even if you have a private account. That being said, setting your account to private after an accident may be a good idea. In this case, you should not accept any new followers during this time because it may be a member of the other party attempting to gain access to your information.

How will my Information be Used?

The defense will be able to use your social media in a variety of ways. For example, if you claim to have hurt your back in the slip and fall accident and then you post a photo out for a walk with your friend, the defense may argue that you are not actually severely injured, if at all. Additionally, we express a lot of emotions through social media, even if we don’t intend to. Posting too much on social media can make you appear emotionally unaffected. This can be negative because emotional suffering is often a major aspect of a personal injury case, in addition to financial and physical burdens. Last, but certainly not least, you may accidentally admit fault. If you detail the events of the accident, even the slightest misphrase can hurt your case. For all these reasons, you should avoid posting on social media until your personal injury case has come to a close.

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