Sidewalk accidents are serious. If you were hurt in one, you will need to speak with one of our skilled Panama City sidewalk accident attorneys to discuss the details of your case and your options. Our legal team is on your side.

What are the common causes of sidewalk accidents in Florida?

There are a number of different reasons sidewalk accidents can occur. However, the most common is a result of property owner negligence. In Florida, property owners must make sure that they keep their portion of the sidewalk safe for all passersby. In the event that property owners fail to do this, accidents happen and pedestrians can get injured. Some of the most hazardous conditions that are related to sidewalk accidents include:

  • Weather conditions
  • Surface problems
  • Loose debris
  • Hazardous materials

What steps should I take after my sidewalk injury?

If people are hurt as a result of another party’s negligence in the state of Florida, they usually choose to bring a claim against the responsible party. If you have been seriously injured on a sidewalk and would like to pursue legal action, it is your responsibility to satisfy the burden of proof. This is because, in Florida, the injured party must prove that the owner of the sidewalk either knew or should have reasonably known about the dangerous conditions that caused the accident and failed to fix them. You will want a skilled attorney on your side throughout this process to help in proving your case. You may establish your point by taking photos of the hazards that caused the accident, collecting witness testimony, obtaining all medical records, and more.

Can I recover damages after this type of accident?

You may be qualified to receive compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial burdens you endured from your sidewalk accident. In Florida, damages can be economic and non-economic. Economic damages refer to the compensation you obtain for the financial burdens you have encountered as a result of the accident. Noneconomic damages are the compensation you obtain for non-financial burdens caused by the accident. Some of the damages that you may be able to recover in an accident case include:

  • Lost future wages
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • The cost of rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering

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