Slipping, tripping, and falling may seem like a minor mishap that ends as quickly as it happened. However, you may get seriously injured in the process. What’s more, you may have to carry these damages with you for quite some time. So no matter where or how you slipped, tripped, and fell, you must have the responsible party make it up to you. Continue reading to learn the most common places for this accident type to take place and how an experienced Panama City slip & fall accident attorney at Manuel & Thompson, PA can come to your aid.

Where are the most common places for a slip and fall accident?

You may always be abundantly careful when entering an unfamiliar area. But even if this unknown premises is seemingly safe, you must not let your guard down. This is because potential safety hazards, both recognizable and invisible to the naked eye, may reside in every corner. Without further ado, below are examples of the most common places for slip and fall accidents:

  • In an elevator: for example, you may slip and fall after a malfunction due to a design defect, manufacturer defect, or improper labeling within the elevator.
  • In a parking lot: for example, you may slip and fall after losing your footing from cracks or uneven surfaces throughout the parking lot.
  • On a sidewalk: for example, you may slip and fall after poor inclement weather leaves debris throughout the sidewalk.
  • At a supermarket: for example, you may slip and fall after a split product is left uncleared from the supermarket aisles.

What should I do immediately after slipping, tripping, and falling?

Understandably, you may feel embarrassed after slipping, tripping, and falling in a public space. Your initial reaction may be to flee the scene of your accident. However, it may be in your best interest to stick around. This is because, if you wish to pursue a personal injury claim in the future, much of the evidence you need resides at the scene.

For one, immediately after your fall, you should seek out the on-site property owner or manager. You should then inform them of the incident and ask if they can conduct a formal report. If they refuse, you must remind them they are legally obligated to do so. Or, you can call 911 and have a law enforcement officer deal with the owner or manager directly. While they are there, you may give them your statement to include in their official police report.

This is not to mention the witnesses you should speak with, the photos and videos you should take, the medical attention you should seek, and more. In conclusion, you cannot enter your slip and fall claim proceedings without the strong legal representation of one of the Panama City personal injury attorneys. So please contact our office, Manuel & Thompson, PA, today.