Student drivers will learn how to drive alongside other drivers on the Florida roads. From operating a motor vehicle for the first time to remembering the many traffic rules, this can be an overwhelming experience. And sometimes, accidents may occur. Read on to discover who is liable if you are hit by a student driver and how a seasoned Panama City car accident attorney at Manuel & Thompson, PA can walk you through your claim options.

Who is the at-fault party if I am hit by a student driver?

For one, the student driver may be at fault for your car accident. After all, they are still learning how to drive. But even still, learning does not exclude them from their legal duty to drive safely. So if they are found to be driving negligently, they may be held liable. In this case, you will have to file your claim with their parent’s or legal guardian’s insurance company. They should be covered under this policy.

Another possible at-fault party for your car accident may be the driving instructor. That is, an instructor holds the responsibility of responding to emergencies and intervening when an accident may occur. So if they are found to be instructing negligently, they may be held liable.

And lastly, the driving school may be in the wrong. That is, a driving school is obligated to provide student drivers with safe vehicles. They also must hire, train, and manage qualified instructors. If they fail at either of these things, you may place your claim against them.

What should I do if I am involved in a student driving accident?

You must take certain steps immediately after your student driving accident. First, you should collect the contact information of the student driver. This may consist of their name, their parent’s or guardian’s insurance information, etc. You should also ask them who owns the vehicle and write down the license plate number. Additionally, you should collect the contact information of the driving instructor, along with the name of the driving school.

Another important tip is that you should not apologize or explain yourself to the student driver or driving instructor. Though you may feel bad for the student driver in this situation and may want to comfort them, you do not want to do or say anything that will jeopardize your insurance claim.

Overall, before bringing your insurance claim forward, you should retain the services of one of the skilled Panama City auto accident attorneys. We will serve as your advocate and make sure you receive the appropriate financial compensation to cover your damages. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.