You may never expect to get injured simply while running errands. But it is unfortunate to say that this is a common reality with business premises in the state of Florida. Nonetheless, legal action may be pivotal for holding the negligent business owner accountable, along with recovering financial compensation. Follow along to find out how you can get injured while visiting a business and how one of the proficient Panama City slip & fall accident attorneys at Manuel & Thompson, PA can guide you through each step.

In what ways might I get injured while visiting a business?

Simply put, you may get injured while visiting a business if an owner is negligent in upkeeping its premises. Examples of ways in which you may sustain injuries and damages are as follows:

  • You may slip and fall from a loose railing or step on a business’s staircase.
  • You may slip and fall from uncleared debris, ice, snow, or standing water in a business’s parking lot.
  • You may slip and fall from uncleared spilled liquids, broken glass, or fallen merchandise in a business’s aisles.
  • You may slip and fall from inadequate lighting on a business’s sidewalks.

How can a store incident report support my claim?

As the plaintiff of a personal injury claim, you carry a burden of proof. Meaning, you must acquire enough proof that connects your injuries and damages directly to a business owner’s negligence.

One pivotal piece of proof may be a store incident report. You may ask a business owner to produce this report immediately after your accident. Most times, it is company policy that they initiate this.

Generally speaking, this report is supposed to document the specifics of your slip and fall, such as the date and time of this incident and a brief summary of its events. In addition, a business owner may disclose an admittance of fault. This information may ultimately serve as the basis of your legal action.

How long do I have to bring forward my claim?

You must not wait too long to file your personal injury claim. This is because the state of Florida upholds a statute of limitations of two years. Meaning, you may only have two years from the date on which your accident occurred to bring forward your claim.

What’s more, if your slip and fall occurred at a state, county, or city-owned business, then you may have to file a Notice of Claim first. This comes with an even tighter deadline.

At the end of the day, if you are suffering serious injuries and damages, then you need one of the talented Panama City personal injury attorneys by your side. Contact Manuel & Thompson, PA to retain our services today.