As a passenger, you may be confident that the root cause of your car accident was something beyond your reasonable realm of control. But you may wonder whether you can take back control with a fight for financial compensation, whether it be through an insurance claim or a legal claim. Read on to discover whether you can pursue legal action as a passenger and how a seasoned Panama City car accident attorney at Manuel & Thompson, PA can guide you through the next steps.

As a passenger, can I sue after being involved in a car accident?

Firstly, if you were injured as a passenger in someone else’s car, then you may be able to recover damages through your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage. However, if you are not a car owner and thereby do not carry PIP insurance, then you may seek coverage through other outlets. Examples read as follows:

  • The PIP insurance policy of the driver of the vehicle you were in.
  • The PIP insurance policy of a family member.
  • The auto insurance policy of the at-fault driver.
  • The uninsured motorist insurance of the driver of the vehicle you were in.
  • The uninsured motorist insurance of a resident relative.

You must understand that this payout may not cover the total extent of your damages. This is especially possible given that insurance companies are notorious for minimizing the payouts they administer to meet their bottom line. If this is your situation, then you may consider suing the negligent driver of your car accident. With a successful personal injury case, you may finally receive the monetary compensation you require to reach a full recovery.

As a passenger, what steps should I take at the scene of the accident?

While still at the scene of your accident, you must act with the mindset of a plaintiff in a personal injury case. This is because the scene may be populated with pieces of proof that may be pivotal to supplement your claim. You should do this regardless of whether you initially plan to pursue a legal claim, as you cannot predict the circumstances that may drive you down this path (i.e., a lack of insurance payout).

This means that you should take it upon yourself to call medical attention to the scene. Further, you must allow paramedics and EMTs to transport you to the emergency room in an ambulance to receive an extensive medical evaluation. But this should be after you take photos and videos of the scene, along with witness testimony. And while the cars involved in your accident may not belong to you, you must not forget to collect insurance details from the involved drivers and a copy of the police report from the present law enforcement officer.

At the end of the day, your claim requires one of the competent Panama City auto accident attorneys in your corner. So please get in touch with us at Manuel & Thompson, PA.