You may know to use your phone to take photos and video of your bodily injuries and car damages immediately following your car accident. But you must also understand that it is possible to obtain photo or video recordings taken by an intersection camera at or near the scene of your accident. Follow along to find out how an intersection camera might help you prove the other driver’s negligence and how a proficient Panama City car accident attorney at Manuel & Thompson, PA can offer additional support as needed.

What is an intersection camera?

As the name suggests, an intersection camera may capture photo or video evidence of potential traffic violations at road intersections. This type of camera is part of the state of Florida’s automated law enforcement system. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, approximately 63 jurisdictions operate a total of about 638 intersection cameras and counting.

How might an intersection camera prove negligence in my accident case?

The main purpose of an intersection camera is to detect drivers who illegally run through intersections so that they may be ticketed appropriately. However, the photos or videos captured by an intersection camera may also be used to prove negligence in your upcoming car accident case. For example, you may use this documentation to argue that the other driver was recklessly speeding in the moment leading up to your collision. Or, you may show how the other driver carelessly ran a red light or otherwise failed to yield at the intersection, which ultimately prompted your collision.

This proof may prove pivotal in your accident case, thanks to the state of Florida’s modified comparative negligence system. That is, as a plaintiff, you must demonstrate that you are no more than 50 percent responsible for your accident. So if you cannot obtain photo or video recordings that confirm this, then you may be unable to recover financial compensation through a legal action.

How long do I have to bring my accident claim forward?

Another factor that may bar your opportunity to pursue a car accident claim is if you miss the statute of limitations. In the state of Florida, this deadline is typically set at two years from the date on which your accident occurred. Though the specific circumstances surrounding your case may shorten or extend this timeline, this is the general date you should keep in mind.

With this, it is worth mentioning that obtaining the photos or video recordings from the intersection camera may take longer than you initially anticipated. That being said, you must not wait too long before retaining the services of one of the talented Panama City auto accident attorneys. So please call Manuel & Thompson, PA at your earliest possible convenience.