Keeping a diary is something many people do. It can help you to express your emotions, stay organized, keep track of important events and moments, and allows you to look back on memories. All of these things are important when it comes to a personal injury trial. Keeping a pain, symptom, and treatment diary may be a great tool to utilize during your trial. Read on to learn more about pain, symptom, and treatment diaries and how they can help you.

What is a Pain, Symptom, and Treatment Diary?

A pain, symptom, and treatment diary can take many forms. You may want to utilize a traditional, hand-written diary, a typed document, a spreadsheet, or a detailed calendar. You should use whatever method works best for you. This diary will allow you to discuss your pain and symptoms that your injury has caused, and to document the treatment and recovery period. This can help your attorney better understand your injury and the toll it has taken on you and your life.

What Should I Put in it?

It is important to remember to be honest. Exaggerating or lying about your symptoms can hurt your credibility and make you appear unreliable. Instead, you should be truthful and descriptive. You should discuss the pain you are experiencing, what hurts, where, and how badly on a scale of 1-10? You should also describe ways in which your injury has impacted your life. For example, if your injury has forced you to cancel plans, causing you to become less social. Or your injury has made it impossible to participate in your favorite hobby, taking away something about which you are passionate. These are all things to record in your journal.

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What is the Purpose a Pain, Symptom, and Treatment Diary?

There are lots of reasons to keep a diary, but the main reason is to quantify the physical, emotional, and mental tolls your injury has taken.

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