With the inevitable impact that comes with a car collision, it is common for involved drivers to incur bodily injuries. It is sad that you now have to live with these injuries, especially after an accident that may not have been your fault to begin with. Follow along to find out the common bodily injuries that arise and how a proficient Panama City car accident attorney at Manuel & Thompson, PA can help you recover from yours.

What are common types of car accidents?

It may be unfortunately true that car accidents occur on the Florida roads more often than you may initially realize. This may be because there may be more causes of car accidents than you can think of off the top of your head, such as the following:

  • A car accident may be caused by a driver who is intoxicated by alcohol behind the wheel (i.e., drunk driving).
  • A car accident may be caused by a driver who considers road signs as suggestions rather than the law (i.e., reckless driving).
  • A car accident may be caused by a driver who is running off of little to no sleep when they get behind the wheel (i.e., fatigued driving).
  • A car accident may be caused by a driver who chooses to text from behind the wheel rather than when pulled over (i.e., distracted driving).
  • A car accident may be caused by a driver who neglects to drive with extra precaution given the dangerous inclement weather (i.e., poor driving conditions).

What are common bodily injuries arising from a car accident?

Regardless of the type of car accident you were involved in, the result may unfortunately be the same. That is, you may incur any one or all of the following types of bodily injuries:

  • Bruises (which may or may not be a sign of internal bleeding).
  • Tissue damage (which may or may not lead to loss of limbs).
  • Broken wrists, hands, feet, or legs (or fractures).
  • Facial injuries (i.e., scars, burns, and disfigurement).
  • Head injuries (i.e., concussion or brain injury).
  • Neck injuries (i.e., whiplash).
  • Back injuries (i.e., herniated discs).
  • Trauma-related disorders (i.e., post-traumatic stress disorder).

Unfortunately, you may suffer from bodily injuries while also incurring car damages. This is not to mention the wages you may miss out on as you work on healing from these injuries. What’s worse, there may also be the matter of your non-economic damages, such as the cost of your physical pain and emotional suffering, your declining quality of life, and more.

In conclusion, we encourage you to fight to be compensated for these damages via a personal injury claim. So, arguably the most important action you must remember to take in your claim is hiring one of the talented Panama City auto accident attorneys. Our team at Manuel & Thompson, PA looks forward to working with you.