Call the police. In every instance, no matter how minor, we recommend having law enforcement come to the scene and document the crash with an appropriate accident report. They can also obtain statements from witnesses and secure the scene so that all parties involved can proceed from the scene in the safest manner possible.

After the crash, request and obtain a final crash report from the investigating law enforcement agency.

Get medical treatment- Many times, people do not even realize that they are injured immediately after the accident, then wake up the next day in terrible pain. In any claim for injuries, it is important to seek appropriate medical treatment in a timely fashion. This step not only treats the injuries, but it can also later help in validating a claim for damages when presenting your claim to an insurance company.

Have a friend or loved one take photographs of the vehicles involved in the crash to document damage and severity of the collision.

Contact your insurance company and notify them of the crash. Then, if you feel negligence may have contributed to your accident, it is important to contact one of the personal injury lawyers at Manuel & Thompson.

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