Also commonly referred to as a side-impact collision, a broadside collision, or an angle collision, a T-bone collision is one in which a vehicle strikes the side of another. Of note, this type of accident can occur in more locations, and due to more forms of negligence, than you may initially realize. Continue reading to learn where T-bone accidents commonly occur and how one of the experienced Panama City car accident attorneys at Manuel & Thompson, PA can ensure the negligent party in your case is held responsible.

Where do T-bone accidents commonly occur in the state of Florida?

While most T-bone accidents occur at intersections, this accident is also commonly reported at other locations throughout the state of Florida. Examples are as follows:

  • At an intersection:
    • A driver may run through a stop sign or red light.
    • A driver may misjudge the timing of a left turn.
    • A driver may misjudge the timing of an oncoming vehicle’s right turn.
    • A driver may misjudge the intentions of an oncoming vehicle.
  • On a highway:
    • A driver may run through a yield sign when entering the highway.
    • A driver may lose control of their vehicle and skid out of their lane.
    • A driver may not yield to law enforcement or emergency vehicles attempting to pass.
  • In a parking lot:
    • A driver may whip around the corner of a garage with large blind spots.
    • A driver may reverse out of their space without checking their surroundings.
    • A driver may swerve out of the way of pedestrians walking to their parked car.

Who is the at-fault party in a T-bone collision?

You may assume that the driver who strikes the side of another driver’s vehicle is automatically the at-fault party. However, this is not necessarily always the truth for T-bone collisions; rather, fault is assigned on a case-by-case basis.

Allow us to use the example of a driver reversing out of their space in a parking lot. For one, the driver who struck the side of the reversing vehicle may be at fault if they were speeding at more than 15 miles per hour through the lot. Or, if they were otherwise distracted, so much so that they were unable to yield on time.

On the contrary, the driver reversing out of their space may be at fault if they fail to check their rearview mirrors, blindspots, and overall surroundings before proceeding backward. This is also the case if they recklessly press the gas to reverse out of the spot.

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