The construction industry employs many individuals throughout the state of Florida. But it is unfortunately true that these many individuals may be vulnerable to the industry’s dangerous conditions. These dangerous conditions may only become more prevalent if those on or around a construction site, or otherwise those who have a hand in it, act negligently in any way. Follow along to find out the responsible party for construction industry accidents and how a proficient Panama City construction accident attorney at Manuel & Thompson, PA can help you obtain the workers’ compensation you are entitled to.

Who is the responsible party for accidents in the construction industry?

To reiterate, anyone on or around a construction site, or anyone having a hand in the industry, may be pinned as the responsible party in a construction accident. Namely, the potential at-fault party of your specific accident may have been your coworker, your employer, or the manufacturer of your tools and equipment. More precise examples read as follows:

  • Your coworker may have been the responsible party if:
    • They failed to check their surroundings when dropping construction material from a ladder, roof, or scaffolding.
    • They failed to take their required training before getting behind the wheel of a heavy piece of machinery.
  • Your employer may have been the responsible party if:
    • They failed to supply you with a hard hat, earplugs, gloves, or other safety gear promptly.
    • They failed to revoke and replace dull, worn-out, or broken tools promptly.
  • The manufacturer of your tools and equipment may have been responsible if:
    • They failed to use a safer part in a tool or piece of equipment that was equally time- and cost-effective.
    • They failed to send notice of a faulty tool or piece of equipment promptly.

How does workers’ compensation work in the construction industry?

If you were not associated with a construction site yet were still involved in an accident, then you should file a personal injury claim. However, if you were injured as an employee on a construction site, then you should file a workers’ compensation claim.

With a successful workers’ compensation claim, you may given payments for your incurred medical bills and weekly wage replacements. For this to work, though, you must report your construction accident to your employer no later than 30 days. It is equally important to seek medical attention the same day on which your accident occurred. Otherwise, you may give your employer grounds to deny your claim outright.

At the end of the day, you can rest easier knowing that one of the talented Panama City personal injury attorneys is here to serve as the support system you need during this trying time. So please call us at Manuel & Thompson, PA today.