You may assume that one of the drivers involved in your car accident is to blame for your injuries and damages. However, your accident may have been caused due to an external factor that was beyond any driver’s control. Follow along to find out who the liable party is for your road hazard accident and how a proficient Panama City car accident attorney at Manuel & Thompson, PA can help you bring forward a claim.

Who is the responsible party for my road hazard accident?

There are certain circumstances in which nobody can be held responsible for a car accident. For example, this may be the case if an animal unexpectedly jumps out onto the road and a driver has to reactively swerve out of the way. Or, this may apply if the inclement weather conditions create poor visibility for a driver, and they cannot locate a safe area to pull over to.

On the other hand, certain road hazards have a party behind them who is to blame. Examples are as follows:

  • A government entity:
    • A government entity fails to patch up potholes or cracks on a Florida road in a timely manner.
    • A government entity fails to fix an uneven expansion joint on a Florida bridge in a timely manner.
    • A government entity fails to clear up branches or power lines that have fallen onto a Florida road after a heavy rainstorm.
  • A construction company:
    • A construction worker fails to clear up loose debris that has fallen onto a Florida road from a construction zone.
    • A construction worker fails to post proper signage or barricades on a Florida road to avoid a construction zone.
  • Another party on a Florida road:
    • A pedestrian fails to wait for a crosswalk signal before crossing a Florida road.
    • A bicyclist fails to stay within the bike lane on a Florida road.
    • A motorcyclist illegally maneuvers around traffic on a Florida road.

What deadlines should I keep in mind for my claim?

When filing a personal injury claim, you must keep in mind that the state of Florida has a statute of limitations. Up until this year, this deadline was set at four years from the date on which an accident occurred. But now, this deadline has been shortened to two years.

What’s more, if you are intending to place your legal action against a government entity, you must first file a Notice of Claim. This is because such government entities require that they receive a “heads up” before they are served with a lawsuit. Ultimately, a Notice of Claim comes with a shorter deadline.

With this countdown clock ticking, you should not wait too long before contacting one of the talented Panama City auto accident attorneys from Manuel & Thompson, PA.