Chiropractor treating retired patient with back pain for physical recovery

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Reach out to our experienced Freeport personal injury lawyer today to gain the assistance necessary to achieve the compensation you deserve after being injured in an accident. Our firm is prepared to fight for your right to compensation after you have been wrongfully injured. We want you to be able to return to your life as normal. It is time to reach out to our experienced attorneys today at Manuel & Thompson Attorneys at Law. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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If you have sustained an injury on the road, on the job, or on another person’s property, our Freeport personal injury lawyer has got you covered. You cannot afford to proceed without a knowledgeable Freeport personal injury lawyer on your side when facing a personal injury case. Our legal team at Manuel & Thompson Attorneys at Law will do everything in our power to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing their legal issues are in good hands. Contact our firm today to begin your journey to compensation.

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Our Freeport personal injury lawyers handle a wide array of personal injury claims including the following:

Freeport Auto Accident Lawyer

The legal team at Manuel & Thompson Attorneys at Law understands that auto accidents can lead to serious, life-changing injuries. Our team handles the following auto accident claims:

Freeport Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you have sustained injuries from a slip and fall accident, our firm is here to help. The following slip and fall accidents are handled by our firm:

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Our team at Manuel & Thompson Attorneys at Law provides the necessary experience and knowledge for each of the cases we handle. You can depend on our team to support you through any circumstance that has caused life-altering injuries. Our firm will work tirelessly toward the compensation you require to heal. You do not need to go through this stressful and overwhelming time in your life alone. Contact Manuel & Thompson Attorneys at Law today to begin your journey to recovery.